The Venice Symphony’s long-standing music education program, Symphony in the Schools is scheduled to resume this season. The Symphony just concluded a successful summer program in partnership with the Sarasota County Public Library system. The Venice Symphony Youth Orchestra begins rehearsals in September.

Children and adults can enjoy our Education Spotlight video series on demand. Click Here to subscribe to The Venice Symphony Education YouTube Channel.

Music Education

Music with a Mission
The Venice Symphony is passionate about inspiring a lifelong appreciation of music. Our Board, staff, musicians, patrons and Friends believe that music enriches the human experience. We are pleased to provide a variety of music education programs for youth and adults throughout our community.

Studies have shown that music education…

  • Leads to success in school as it develops a deeper sense of culture as well as skills in language, reading and mathematics
  • Enhances health by reducing stress, engaging the brain, and providing enjoyment
  • Improves success in society by teaching teamwork and the art of playing music as part of a group